Best supplements for weight loss

The best weight loss supplement to facilitate weight loss in the market nowadays is the liquid boost.  Its burning supplement triggers the overweight building hormone and this can make one loose weigh within twenty four to forty eight hours.  It has natural ingredients that are natural and which burns fat in order to achieve the weight loss.  The ingredients are as follows.

  • Sumac roots which supports hormonal imbalance
  • Burdock root which clears poisonous waste from the bloodstream
  • Aloe leaf which contains numerous enzymes
  • Dandelion root which helps in detoxifying the liver

The following are other fat burners in different categories which are used as weight loss supplements.

Thermogenic fat burners: They burn the fats that are ingested into the body and forming in various parts causing that weigh gain.  This supplement helps in burning such fat and hence making you lose some substantial weight.

Carb blockers: They assist in blocking the formation of carbohydrates in the body.  High carbohydrates consumption is a great source of weight gain.

Stimulant free fat burners: They are formulas with no stimulant and helps to burn fat around the tummy area.  Giving an easy feeling of losing some substantial weight.

Fat blockers:  Contains chitosan ingredient which blocks the fat from solidifying and eventually blocking the digestive system.  They act as colon cleanser and are good for weight loss.

Appetite suppressants:  They help in sending a message to the brain implying that you are feeling full hence reduces appetite which triggers unnecessary feeding habit.

Thyroid hormone increaser:  This replaces your thyroid needs and reduces certain intake such as salt and other carbohydrates.

Cortisol products:  This is a supplement that suppresses cortisol in the body.

Fruits and vegetables:  Fruits and vegetables are considered as the best natural weight loss supplements.  They include carrots, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, okra, cauliflower, eggplant, green beans, oranges, onions, cabbages, red cabbage, raspberries, tomatoes, turnips, cucumbers, fresh vegetables and beetroot. They also aid in removing harmful toxins from the body as they aid in digestion and colon cleansing.

The above are the best supplements that one can use in the journey to losing some excess weight but the list is not limited to many others.  Doing exercises and fat burning workouts can as well assist you in losing weight and burning fat as fast since they are natural and contains no chemicals that might result to serious side effects.

Check properly and settle for the best supplement that suits your need for losing weight faster and then adopt it.  However, it is advisable to seek the attention of a physician to advice you on the best one that is suitable for you.

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Best Muscle Building Foods after Workout

For any body builder good food is of utter most importance to their health. The body builder should work very closely with a health expert and a nutritionist whose main work is to advise on the types of food to be consumed during the entire period. They need to be advised on food with high calories and the right proportions at each meal of the different types of food. Their meals should consist of balanced diets with particular attention being paid to proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamins and other minerals should also be factored in during the meal planning and preparations. The following are the best muscle building foods after a workout.

Brown rice

Most body builders prefer to have the brown rice as their carbohydrates since it is a complex carbohydrates which releases a lot of energy and heat as the byproducts during digestion. This is a good method of adding energy to the body. It also has a high fiber content which facilitates proper digestion of food. This allows the body to eliminate the waste that it does not require quite fast. Brown rice is better than white processed rice since the body does not use a lot of energy to digest it. It is also good for those people who are diabetic.


Cheese offers proteins to the body builder. It is an advantage to consume cheese since it tends to be digested slowly and the person feels satisfied for a longer time. A person who has eaten cheese will feel full for a longer time and this is important to a body builder since they are required to eat at regular intervals of four hours in average. When one has eaten a cheese meal they will not feel hungry easily therefore will go for a long time in their workouts or in their normal duty functions.


Milk is also a good source of proteins to bodybuilders. Being a drink, it is easily absorbed into the body muscles. When chocolate is added to the milk the drink is as effective as drinking a sports drink. It helps to build more muscle and to increase the energy during the next exercise session as well as delays exhaustion during the training period.


Water is an important ingredient in the diet of a body builder since their body is losing water during workout and should therefore be replaced frequently. The body consists of 70% water, therefore it should keep on being rehydrated especially after workout and also throughout the day


Bananas are good for the body builders’ body since they have a high concentration of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that helps to heat the body and keep it warm especially during cold weather.


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thrive_nutritionMan’s diet consists of a multitude of complex and diverse products, animal and vegetable origin; Some products are e
ssential to man because of its nutritional value, and some, as far as nutritional value, are quite insignificant.
Of course, among the essential ingredients of human nutrition are those that the body, in the form in which they occur, can be readily assimilated. Most of these ingredients in the digestive tract suffers many far-reaching changes.

The useful food ingredients include: water, vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

The most inert food ingredient is cellulose.

Life can not be imagined without water, in addition, water is an essential part of every living matter. Because of the constant movement of the body, water supplies organs and restores them, its removed from the body eather through urine, or faeces.

A healthy diet that includes foods that are used in supplements are not contaminated, that is, that they have biological, chemical and some physical agents. Proper nutrition primarily involves regular schedule of meals, variety of foods, balanced meals in terms of the relationship entered nutrients and rational energy consumed food. Of course, those who are engaged in some heavy physical work or sport need for increased calorie intake.

During one day, a grown man should have five servings of three main meals, and two snacks. Foods that are introduced should be diversified and properly handled. This means that you should avoid fried, breaded, and to give preference to stewed dishes prepared with less oil. In addition, in one day has to be represented with more fresh fruits and vegetables, and to minimize the biscuits, sweets, sweet and soft drinks.

The ideal interval between meals is two and a half to three hours. Between early breakfast and a late lunch, you should take two small snacks.

Day is best to start with a glass of lukewarm water to which is added a few drops of lemon juice. This is great for digestion and purification of the body. If you cant drink water on an empty stomach, you should try a natural glass of orange juice or a fruit. This is followed by breakfast, which can be composed of a light sandwiches, cereal, fruit yogurt or something. It is a mistake to start the day with coffee on an empty stomach.

frshThe daily menu should find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will give us a lot of energy for a busy day.
Different kinds of salad can give us the same energy as a piece of boiled meat. Fruit is also a good choice, so when you feel that you lack energy, eat an apple, banana or make a mix. For a snack during the day, it is also good to take fruits instead of coffee or snacks and a variety of winebiscuits.

Alcohol is allowed after meals in small quantities. A glass of wine or beer will not significantly affect the digestion of any food group. Some non-alcoholic beverages purchased in stores have the additive itself, so it is advisable that it be kept to a minimum. Top priority is given freshly squeezed juice and water.

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